Tips Hang How To


There are different ways to hang your new artwork depending on your frame style and your wall construction. Find some of the most common conditions here to help you minimize how many holes you have to make in your wall.

  • A small nail in a wall

    Small Nails

    For lightweight frames under 3 pounds. Drive the nail into the wall at an upward angle to improve stability

  • a silver picture hanger

    Picture Hangers

    Picture hangers are rated for different weights and wall types. Choose the hanger that is at or above the weight of your artwork

  • a self-drilling screw for hanging pictures

    Self-Drilling Screws

    Self-Drilling screws work well with plaster, wood, or drywall and can carry very heaving pieces up to 50 pounds.

  • Weigh Your Piece

    Adhesive hangers are rated for different weights. They mean it! Weigh your piece and select a hanger that is ABOVE the weight of your piece

  • Acrylic Glazing

    If an adhesive hanger pulls off the wall, a falling frame with acrylic glazing will be safer with a better chance of survival

  • Great for Renters

    Leaves very little damage or residue
    (damage is always possible though)

  • a corner of kraft paper

    Paper & Scissors

    Any kind of large-size paper the same size as your pieces to make templates.
    You can tape together copy paper too if you don't have large paper

  • a yellow pencil


    For marking the hanger location of your frame on your template

  • a silver tape measure

    Tape Measure

    To measure...
    self explanitory

  • a roll of blue painters tape

    Painter's Tape

    To hang your templates on the wall

  • an orange level


    To make sure your templates are level before you put holes in your wall

  • a long ruler

    Straight Edge

    Use with your level to make sure multiple pieces are level and aligned

  • a small hammer

    Hammer hammer

  • a nail, a picture hanger, and a self-drilling screw hardware


    Choose the right hanger type depending on your artwork.

  • a black picture frame with a mat


    Choose the frame perfect for your decor.

    Find more tips on frames.

  • the back of a black picture frame and a piece of kraft paper.  a hand holding a pencil marking the center of the hanger on the back


    Cut a paper template the size of your frame. Mark the location of the hanger on the back of the frame.

  • a piece of kraft paper taped to a wall with a level at the top edge

    2. MEASURE

    Measure the spacing and tape the template on the wall. Use the level and the long straight edge to ensure it is square.

  • tearing off a piece of kraft paper taped to a wall around a picture hanger installed on the wall

    3. INSTALL

    Use the hammer and hardware to install your hanger through the paper. Tear the paper off the wall around the hanger when installed.

  • a black picture frame with a mat

    4. HANG

    Hang your frame.