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I’m a dog loving, list making, world traveling, pub food eating, God loving, outdoor adventuring, book reading, always busy kind of person.

I’m actually a licensed architect, and you may see some of that precision in the lines of the drawings. Although so many years were spent drawing walls and floors for buildings, I’ve finally found my passion in through the Scenic Route Shop. I love being able to help you imagine your dream destinations, relive your favorite experiences, and cherish your furry loved ones through artwork chosen, personalized, and displayed by you.

Curious about the beginnings of the Scenic Route Shop? Let me walk you along the journey...

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A set of three framed drawings hanging vertically on the wall


When I was dating my now-husband, I wanted to get him a perfect birthday present. But what do you get a guy?! He didn’t like "stuff." He preferred experiences, but a trip wasn't possible. But he just moved into a new condo and his walls were bare (it was a typical guy-pad lacking in decor).

I decided to make him simple artwork of the things he loved most. They were:

  • Wrigley Field (we both lived near the ballpark and loved going to games spontaneously. The tickets were cheap because the Cubs were terrible)
  • a daisy (he was very proud of his award-winning balcony garden)
  • and an Indy Car (he’s been to the Indy-500 19 times!)

These pieces became conversation starters in his home.

He’d share stories about the Indy Car races he'd been to and show you the beautiful flowers flourishing on his balcony. Friends and family saw this artwork and started requesting their own pieces of things they loved.

A group of six framed drawings on a green wall.  The line art drawings include two Golden Retrievers, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Wrigley Field, the Colosseum, a Sea Turtle, and a person Hiking


It’s décor where you see past the art.

You see YOUR story.

The pieces of the Scenic Route Shop are an expression and reminder of the things you love most. It’s drawings of your hometown or where you got engaged. It's your first dog or the dog you just lost you want to remember forever. It's your bucket list or a map of where you've been. Gather the pieces that show your own journey so you have a daily reminder of what you love most, your Scenic Route.

Your Story Art
A road travelling through the forest


I'm going to visit all of the National Parks. When I'm at a park, I prefer the remote corners of the scenic route instead of the busier highlights or visitors centers. After a recent park visit sitting at work , I was daydreaming about it and it hit me:

The Scenic Route may be a road, but it's a mindset!

You lose track of time on the Scenic Route when you're surrounded in what you love most. The mindset is making the decision to surround yourself with what you find most beautiful. And everyone’s route is different.

This is what my drawings evoke when you look at them. The drawings are of hometowns, pets, vacations, and favorite hobbies. So the shop was named Scenic Route Shop because it's filled with the meaningful passions, places and pets that cause you to lose track of time and enjoy what’s surrounding you.

A golden retriever sitting with a framed drawing held up in front


I knew the subjects of the artwork were meaningful and the style is elegant. But I couldn’t pinpoint why these pieces were resonating so strongly with me and others until I was at my first art fair.

People walked up and pointed at a dog drawing in my booth and squeal “Look! It’s Penny!” Then someone else would walk by and point at the same piece and exclaim “Oh my goodness, it’s Max!” Another would say “It’s Chester!” The lightbulb went on: The beauty isn’t just in the lines of the drawing, it’s in what each person sees between the lines! This was the same dog drawing, but each person saw their dog.

Most artists explain what they want you to see in their pieces. At the Scenic Route Shop, you see your own memories or experiences between the lines because the drawings leave room for you to interpret them your own way.

Find Your Dog
Two golden retrievers in the desert


Gary is the is the Studio Supervisor and constant companion. He critiques the work, sleeps, inspires new ideas, sleeps, provides moral support, and sleeps. He's the best pup a studio can have! You can follow him on Instagram @garythegolden

Dave is the Studio Intern that is trying to work his way up the ladder as quickly as he can by being frequently under foot and providing constant interruptions...I mean support. He has also established himself as Head of Security (ring the doorbell and you'll know why)