• a golden retriever sitting in grass


    Your pet sitting facing the camera with the face expression you love showing their full body.

    Photo taken straight-on at pet's eye-level

    (your pet will be drawn from the angle of your photo)

    Make sure the features you want included are visible (tail, collar, favorite toy, etc)

  • a golden retriever sitting in a living room


    A photo of your pet standing or sitting how you want them drawn with a separate photo of the face/expression you want.

    Your drawing will still be drawn from the angle of the photos you submitted.

  • a golden retriever sitting in grass


    Your pet not facing the camera, blurry, at a strange angle that distorts how their body or face looks.

    Part of your pet is blocked by another pet, furniture, or cropped in the photo.

Or have a little fun

Choose a photo that shows the joy and character of your pet.

(Your drawing will be based directly from the photo. Let me know if you want to leave anything out that is included in your photo)

  • a golden retriever puppy with a green ball

    Capture the puppy days,

  • a golden retriever standing by a log by a lake

    a favorite vacation,

  • a dog jumping on the beach

    an action shot,

  • a golden retriever sitting with a ball in his mouth

    or a favorite toy

This is for Cats too

I have dogs, so that's the photos I have. But these guidelines apply to your cat photos too!