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The Front Porch

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A few years ago we rebuilt our front porch. While the old porch was fine, the new porch is more than twice as big. Its layout allows for several friends and family to gather around the table and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

And the views! The real reason we did this was to be able to watch the amazing sunsets we get in Arizona. If you’ve seen the Arizona license plates you understand – splashes of orange, purple, yellow, red and blue behind the silhouettes of mountains, palm trees and cacti. It’s a fantastic show every night.

We built the porch with curved, slate tiled walls and iron gates, high enough to give ourselves a little privacy and to keep our boys (the two golden retrievers) safely inside, but not so high that we can’t still see the activities up and down the street and enjoy those sunsets. The porch provides “curb appeal” but also gives us a place to display flags on the 4th of July, set our Jack-o’lanterns on Halloween, and hang our lights and bows at Christmas time. It’s on our front porch that we have sat and discussed our next vacation and planned out most of our adventures.

It’s on our front porch that we have sat and discussed

our next vacation and planned out most of our adventures.

In the last couple of months, our family’s activities, just like the rest of yours, have really changed. Less places we must be and less things we must do. Seemingly a lot more time. Things have slowed down. In our neighborhood, although the circumstances are awful, this slowdown has had led to a few positives. More families out for an evening stroll or a bike ride. Dogs getting walked more than ever. Parents and their children shooting baskets in the driveway. Walkers stopping to look at the spring flowers or watch the hummingbirds feed on the citrus blossoms. Sidewalk chalk everywhere. And neighbors are neighborly again! Waving to each other, saying hello, offering words of encouragement and stopping to chat at a safe distance.

Where are we observing all of this? From our front porch of course! When we come out of this, I hope we all remember this time when life was a little slower and we enjoyed family time and got to know our neighbors.

Slowing down and appreciating one another, observing the beautiful things, taking the Scenic Route from our own front porch.

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