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Stories of our own Scenic Route

The background stories of our Scenic Route Pieces

Taking the Scenic Route is where time slows down because you’re in love with all that is surrounding you. I selected 6 incredibly special pieces to hang in my studio of my own Scenic Route.

Italy Colosseum: Believe it or not, although I’m a pale blonde that fries in the sun, my mom’s family is from Italy. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel Italy 3 times. Once while in school and twice with my mom. It was wonderful travelling through the country of our roots stuffing our faces with pasta and even visiting our cousins that still live there.

Hiking: My husband and I moved to Arizona from Chicago just be able to be outside in beautiful weather. Every weekend we try to hit the trails and hike in the mountain preserve that is near our house with our 2 golden retrievers. And in the summer, we travel north to the cooler weather in the mountains there too.

Sea Turtle: I kind of lose my mind when I see sea turtles. I absolutely love them, and my husband cannot even keep up when I spot one although I’m not a strong swimmer. But it’s so wonderful watching them glide effortlessly through the water with that happy grin on their faces. (You can read more about my love about snorkeling with sea turtles).

Golden Retriever: This drawing is based on my best buddy Gary. He’s the first dog I’ve ever had. I wanted a dog since I was 10, and when I was 31 I finally got one! And I got the best one. He’s a calm, sweet, loving boy that was a natural fit to be a therapy dog. He brings smiles to everyone he meets, and he’s got just the right amount of an ornery streak in him to keep us on our toes.

Soldiers & Sailors Monument: I’m originally from Indiana and spent summer weekends visiting Indianapolis for shopping and entertainment. My husband is also from Indy and we both have many friends still there. He even proposed to be on the steps of the Soldiers & Sailors monument in Indianapolis. It was drizzling just a little so the circle was empty and it was a perfect moment. Well done Todd!

Wrigley Field: I used to live in Chicago in Wrigleyville. My first apartment was tall enough that I could see inside the stadium. And then when my husband and I married, we moved into a house one block north of the stadium. So much of our life revolved around the Cubs. Thankfully they were AWFUL when we lived there so we could afford to go to a spontaneous game after work on a whim with cheap tickets sold on the street.

Whenever I look at these pieces, I’m reminded of all of those stories. It’s not just a pretty piece of art, it’s a slice of my life.

What's your Scenic Route?

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