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Reading Nook Essentials

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Getting lost in your favorite book, wandering through the adventures and love stories, is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Books are a great escape and can be enjoyed anywhere.

I like to read under trees, on planes, or in my very own reading nook. And creating a corner in your home for your literary escapes is a great way to make a house a home.

Wandering through the adventures and love stories

Let’s look at some of the key features to keep in mind when you’re setting up your very own reading nook:

  1. Location – A spot near a window for good light is ideal. However, it’s called a “nook” for a reason, a sense of enclosure does help the space to feel cozy and private.

  2. Light – During the daytime, natural light is best. But have sheer curtains that you can pull in case the light turns into glare. At night time, a focused light on what you’re reading and diffused light within the rest of the space creates a cozy ambiance.

  3. Seating – You need a comfortable place to relax but with good posture. Be sure to have a pillow or two in case an impromptu nap comes up. It could be an armchair, floor poof, bench, or any other form of comfy seating.

  4. Accessories – Surround yourself with items that inspire your Scenic Route like artwork, knick-knacks, or heirlooms. Have a trash can close for gum wrappers, Kleenexes, etc. - you don’t want to have to get up to throw something away, or to leave garbage behind in your nook. A blanket will keep you at the perfect temperature no matter what time of year, and it also amps up the cozy factor). A plant or several can also bring a relaxing and natural vibe to your reading nook. You could even select a house plant that purifies the air like a rubber plant or peace lily!

  5. Bookshelf – This doesn’t have to be where you store every single book you own. But try to have at least enough room for the next 10 or so books in your queue, a stash of bookmarks, a notebook and pen for any quick inspiration or reminders, a white noise machine, or a box of Kleenex for tear-jerkers.

  6. Materials – The textures in your nook should combine soft and plush materials for everything you sit on and hard and stable surfaces such as a side table or serving tray. Use calming colors – soft grays, blues, greens, whites, or natural materials.

  7. Actions – turn off your cell phone, make a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite drink, and sit back to relax as you journey with those new characters.

Enjoy your new reading escape! Reading is a wonderful way to find entertainment, wisdom, and learning right at your fingertips. I personally prefer to read actual books, enjoying the satisfaction of turning the pages as each chapter marches along.

What is your favorite book?

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