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Phoenix Landmarks

Icons of the Valley of the Sun

The Valley of the Sun is my home and my heart. I have only been here about 5 years, but I’m in love and am not planning on leaving any time soon. There are so many events that draw people to the valley like Spring Training baseball, the Phoenix Open golf tournament, Barrett Jackson car auction, and all kinds of sports tournaments.

One of the most iconic destinations are natural like Camelback Mountain. If you’re staying in the resorts near old town, climbing to the top of Camelback Mountain is the perfect way to start your morning. But be prepared! The Phoenix heat can be treacherous and you’ll need lots of water to make sure you’re not on the news being rescued. It’s not an easy climb, but it’s worth it if you’re up to it.

The Westward Ho has had a varied history and is no longer the grand hotel it once was, opening in 1928. But the iconic tower atop the roof is still a defining characteristic of the Phoenix skyline. The tower served Phoenix’s first television station in 1949 and today it is a cell tower. So the center of Phoenix communication is still served by this memorable building.

The downtown skyline of Phoenix is comprised of several office buildings and hotels. But a major feature is the baseball stadium for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The roof opens up on beautiful days for a ball game or the downtown scene is a great place to enjoy before a concert. Downtown is getting more and more vibrant as the city grows.

Phoenix is a great vacation destination and an even better home. So if you love it too, bring the whole collection into your home.

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