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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I am excited to embark on this journey with you that will feature topics ranging from embracing new outdoor activities and the beautiful nature around you, to endless possibilities in home décor, and to just taking a moment to focus on a simpler life where you can disconnect from this technology-centric world and really embrace what truly matters to you. Join me for this fun and fulfilling journey!

The world just keeps spinning faster and faster and you just might fly right off the surface if you don’t focus on what you are passionate about and what really matters. Between social media, news media, and the constant buzzing of your phone, you’re expected to respond to everything immediately and handle it perfectly.

Somehow, you must be a master of everything – from project management and home improvements, to cooking a five-course meal before 6:00 PM and mastering complex cake decorating; to perfecting your yoga practice and crafting homemade clothing. Holy DIY batman!

What if you take a step back, think about the simple things that make you tick, and focus on that for the majority of your time? That’s the Scenic Route. It’s going off the beaten path and finding what is truly beautiful to you. When you find it, maybe you can just linger there a little longer than you usually do.

If this sounds good to you, I’d like to invite you to follow along the Scenic Route as we enjoy the simpler things in life together.

Scenic Route Tip: get lost in what you love

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