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Vacation Change Up

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

You’ve booked a vacation to an incredible destination that you’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Or maybe you’ve booked a vacation to a favorite destination you’ve been to many times. Either way, it may be time to change up how you vacation!

It may be time to change up how you vacation!

This is our top ten list of how to change the types of things you do on vacation and how you do them:

1. Look for small excursions, not huge ships or gatherings of people. I once went on a large boat snorkeling trip in Hawaii to snorkel with sea turtles. It was filled with tourists that really didn’t even want to be there, and ended with me getting thrown up on by the woman sitting next to me without an apology. I’ll spare you the details in between, but a smaller outfit is usually filled with people more passionate about the excursion you’re going on.

2. Always check cancellation policies. This gives you flexibility while you’re there in case you stumble across something you’d rather do!

3. Stay away from large chains. You’ll enjoy more of the local flavor if you don’t eat at Fudruckers or Applebees (no offense to those establishments, I do like them)

4. Put the camera down sometimes. Try to paint the picture in your mind, going over every detail, rather than just snapping the photo. I’ve gotten home and not known where the photo even was because I was paying such little attention while I was there! Go for quality over quantity if you can and self-edit on the spot if the location must be remembered or not.

5. Be flexible! Following random roadsigns or taking the advice of a local has turned into the best part of a vacation (see #2 “Cancellation Policies”)

6. Talk to people. Sit at the bar at restaurants and strike up a conversation about the local places. Stop in at small shops and talk to the shop owners What are their favorite restaurants? Or even check out the chamber of commerce, they like to support small businesses and can recommend some great hidden gems!

7. Spend your money on experiences, and not the bed. This one could be controversial, because I know people that like cushy digs, but I’ve found that the less nice the hotel is, the less we are there, which for me is the entire point of vacation! But obviously safety and cleanliness are still a priority. To me a clean polyester comforter works just as well as a clean down duvet.

8. Try one thing you think you won’t like. You may still not like it, or you may discover that escargot or ziplining is your new favorite thing. (Your one thing may just be #6 “Talking to People”)

9. Pack your favorite but comfortable clothes. I always feel better when I know I look good but can walk around several miles. I usually pair a cute top with running shoes, which makes me feel stylish yet comfy.

10. Check out the places you want to visit on google street view first. Blogs and marketing photos can be misleading. And you may not even realize what is in the surrounding area until you get there. It may help you add even more destinations to the itinerary that you didn’t know were close.

Enjoy your new vacation when you take time for the Scenic Route!

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