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Favorite Things: Hiking Edition

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Hiking is the most natural way to connect with nature and lose yourself. You need very little equipment, special training, or preparation. Pull on your shoes, find that trail, and off you go.

Hiking is the most natural way to connect with nature and lose yourself.

So it’s obvious that hiking is one of my favorite things, but I like to think about what makes it my favorite.

  1. The sound of rocks crunching under my feet. That crunchy rumbly sound is just music for my soul, and it makes me feel like I’m immediately on vacation.

  2. The smell of dirt and vegetation. Paying attention to the scent of the air really clears away my jumbled thoughts and stresses of every-day life and focuses me on the hike.

  3. The solitude of walking through the outdoors without having to watch for cars or worry about what I’m wearing. It seems silly, but even if I wear my rattiest t-shirt, the cactus isn’t going to care. I prefer hikes where I do have this solitude and tend to avoid the heavily traveled trails.

  4. The wandering of my mind and the ideas that I discover as I walk along. Nothing peaks my creativity and brainstorming than crunching along a trail.

  5. Looking for details that I’ve never noticed before. Even if it’s a hike that I’ve traveled may times before, I try to look for a different kind of rock, cloud formation, or plant that I didn’t notice before. If you’re looking for something new, you’ll always find it!

What is your favorite thing about hiking?

If hiking is one of your favorite things, this may be just what you're looking for

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