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Chasing Turtles

One of my favorite things to do is go snorkeling at reefs. I’ve been to Hawaii a couple times and got to go snorkeling in a few different locations known for their turtles. The first time I saw them, I kind of lost myself. It should be sort of scary when a large beast comes at you out of the darkness of the deep water,but they glide so smoothly and elegantly they don’t even make you jump.

I respect the rules and I don’t get too close because I’m in their home. But I love to follow behind them and watch them as they mosey along their route. They almost smile at you as they pass, like they’re saying hi and welcoming you to join them. It’s my happy place.

After my last trip to Hawaii, I was bummed about the long days at my awful day job. Then Todd surprised me with this toy turtle to keep on my desk. To anyone else that sees it, they probably just think I like sea turtles. But to me, every time I look at that toy, I see that turtle smiling at me and inviting me to paddle alongside him for a little while until I wave goodbye and watch him swim on into the dark water. I see my happy place.

The pieces in the Scenic Route Shop are minimalist line drawings that don’t have color or high detail. And this is on purpose. When you look at these drawings, you don’t just see a picture. You see your own story, your own happy place. Kind of like my turtle.

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