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A Day at the Dog Beach

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Essentials for a Day at the Beach with Your Dog

Summer is the time to enjoy the beach.  And your best friend can come along if you are prepared for them!  Planning ahead can ensure that you and your pup have a wonderful time enjoying the sand and seas.  Here are some of my must-have supplies and a few of my favorite products for a relaxing and safe  day at the beach:

  1. Shade! Make sure there’s enough shade for everyone!  If your pup is like mine, he’ll probably take up most of it.   Make sure there’s enough left over for you too. Check out this pop up tent we take to the beach

  2. Fresh water to rinse off.  Be sure to bring at least a gallon on fresh water to rinse off your dog’s coat and paws.  The salt and sand can really irritate their skin, especially on their delicate bellies and between their toes.

  3. A Long Leash.  Many beaches require dogs to be leashed.  And for their own safety, it’s probably a good idea.  Things from the ocean or left behind by people (broken glass is always a worry!) can hurt your pup if they are allowed to run off where you can’t see them.  A long leash is a great way to let them run around while staying close to you too. Retractable leashes usually don’t like sand, so I like a long training leash for the beach.

  4. Plenty of water to drink. For all of you!  You may forget since you’re sitting by the water, but that sun can make you and your furry friend very thirsty.

  5. Treats are always good no matter where you are!  Having some treats to reward your pup for good behavior or to just treat them because it’s vacation is a must.

  6. Have something to lay on, not just hot sand.  Don’t forget about a blanket for your pup too!  That sand it much too hot for them to lay on even in the shade. This foldable blanket is great to carry around, and the sand shakes right off!

  7. Extra Towels and a garbage bag to throw them in.  Your pup will need a towel or two to clean up at the end of the day.  And keep that sand out of your car by bringing along a garbage bag to keep your sandy things in.

  8. Poop bags!  None of that should go in the sand – gross.

  9. A toy to play with – Frisbee, ball, squeaky toy etc. that can be easily washed off and it’s even better if it floats.  Their favorite plushy probably won’t mix well with the sand.

  10. Sunscreen for dogs – that nose can get burnt too!  Making sure you have plenty of shade is important but double up the protection with a little SPF.


Have fun romping in the waves with your pooch!  And enjoy a safe and spectacular summer day at the beach. 

What is your favorite thing to take to the beach for your pup?

(all links shared are just a preference of Kelsey and are not endorsed or affiliated with Scenic Route Shop)

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