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Buy the Custom Artwork listing to begin the Custom Process.


After your purchase, Scenic Route Shop will send you an e-mail to request your photos of the subject and details you would like included in your piece.  (You'll be asked if there is anything specific you want included like your dog's bandanna, your house address numbers, the car logo, etc.)

Indicate which photo/pose/scene you want for your piece.  For instance, if you send multiple photos for detail, indicate you want your dog drawn from the "sitting photo."


Scenic Route Shop will draw your piece and e-mail you a draft image of the piece in the same e-mail conversation after receiving your photos.  You can make one round of comments or changes at this time.


Scenic Route Shop will prepare and send out the final piece. 

Enjoy your new unique artwork!


Choose the size you would like: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x24, and 24x30.

Drawings are ready to be framed or a Digital File for printing yourself.  

Check out the image showing the different sizes to help describe the sizing.


Choose whether you would like a title included on your drawing


Custom drawings can include: architecture/buildings, landscapes, pets/animals, boats/cars/transportation.  If you are looking for something else, please e-mail or contact me first to confirm it can be done.  Sorry, I can't draw people.  I also cannot replicate the work of another artist or piece.

Custom Drawings are not eligible for bundle discount offers in this shop

Photo Release Notice: Any photos you send to the Scenic Route Shop may be used in the future for promotional purposes in portfolio or social media venues. Scenic Route Shop will not distribute the photos for sale or commercial purposes.

Scenic Route Shop reserves the right to refuse any custom order for any reason.

Digital files are for custom pieces only.  Digital files for items listed in the shop are not for sale.

All custom orders may be used for resale or marketing purposes by Scenic Route Shop in the future.

After the final piece has been shipped, it cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

© Kelsey Reust, Scenic Route Shop

All images are copyrighted and cannot be stored, reproduced, or used for Commercial purposes without obtaining prior written permission from the shop owner


(Be sure you've read the information above first.)

Choose from one of the categories below

or choose  "Custom Artwork" if your category isn't listed.

(Please note, I don't draw people)

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