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The Scenic Route is a path that is not the fastest way but that is beautiful

It may be a road, or it can be a way of life.  Make the decision to surround yourself with what you find most beautiful.

Taking the Scenic Route helps you lose track of time surrounded in what you love most; and everyone’s route is different.  

Hiking your favorite trail
Spending time with your pup
Vacations to your favorite destination
Memories of your hometown
Cultivating your garden
Relaxing at the beach
and so much more...

What makes you slow down and lose track of time?

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Taking the Scenic Route slows you down and reminds you to enjoy what is all around us, and everyone’s route is different.  The Scenic Route Shop captures unique memories or dreams of places and adventures in minimalist line drawings and designs.  The inspirations for the pieces are city skylines, national parks, adorable pets, exciting hobbies, and much more.  Each piece is created in minimalist black-and-white line drawing style so you can remember your own memories and see the meaning between the lines.

The first art pieces I made many years ago were for my husband to represent some of his favorite summer activities - Wrigley Field (go Cubs), daisies (he loves gardening), and an Indy Car (he’s an Indy 500 fan).  Friends and family saw these on display in the living room and started asking for their own pieces, and eventually Scenic Route Shop was born in 2017.  It began with a dozen pieces, but today you can find your piece among more than 250 designs with multiple sizes and options.


I’m Kelsey.  After many years working as a licensed architect, I am finally able to do what I truly love and focus on the Scenic Route Shop.  As the founder and artist, I love being able to help you envision your dream destinations, relive your favorite experiences, and cherish your furry loved ones through artwork personally chosen and displayed by you. 


My Scenic Route?  Traveling to the National Parks (35 of 62 so far!), visiting international cities (Havana, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, and London are a few of my favorites), swimming with turtles off the coast of Maui, Arizona hiking, and loving my trusty assistant Gary (the Golden Retriever). 

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Gary the is the studio supervisor and constant companion. He runs our house, supports the business, and brings happiness to everyone he meets.  (Seriously, I dare you to find someone that doesn't smile when he flashes his goofy grin!)


He critiques the work, sleeps, inspires new ideas, sleeps, provides moral support, and sleeps. He's the best pup a studio can have!


Follow him on instagram @garythegolden to see more of him


Dave is an Intern that is trying to work his way up the ladder as quickly as he can by being frequently under foot and providing constant supervision. He has also established himself as Head of Security  (knock on the door and you'll know).

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